SUNRA Hawk 49e 1800W/20AH Matt Blue


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SUNRA Hawk 49e 1800W/20AH Matte Blue

The new  Hawk 49e electric motorcycle  with a 20Ah 1800W motor has arrived, ideal for your day-to-day trips with the possibility of using it on roads and areas intended for motor vehicles. Forget starting failures, gasoline and the complex maintenance of a fuel vehicle. No gasoline, filters or complex repairs. Recharge your Hawk at home, work, offices, etc. The possibilities are limitless! And enjoy the speed!

Hawk is the latest electric motorcycle developed by the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Sunra , it is the number 1 manufacturer in China in production of Quality Scooters for the last 11 years, selling its scooters in more than 70 countries, with a production capacity of 4 million electric scooters per year… It is specially designed to move around the city in a comfortable and sustainable way.

It is equipped with a 1800W Brushless electric motor. This motor offers, in addition to offering maximum power, it does not have brushes. This allows less wear on its materials by not producing friction, its consumption is lower (40% less compared to other engines) and its useful life and durability in the future is much greater.

Hawk has an exquisite multimedia system that allows unparalleled driving satisfaction. In addition, it has USB to charge the mobile, bluetooth to listen to your favorite music and FM Radio, providing the driver with new experiences along with maximum safety.

The instrumentation of this electric motorcycle is completely digital, and allows you to know the level of charge of the battery, the speed, the kilometers traveled and the time.

The Hawk electric motorcycle is equipped with a front LED light that provides a wide viewing angle, thus allowing it to be driven at night without any danger.

The weight of the Hawk (83 kg without battery) allows it to reach a maximum speed of up to 45km/h , which coincides with that allowed by the DGT.

This version of Hawk is composed of 1 lithium battery with a capacity of 72V 20AH. The high quality of its battery, as well as its size, allow a range of up to 65km for a passenger weighing 70kg. Its charging time of 4 hours allows your daily enjoyment without interruptions. In addition, its useful life is 1000 charging cycles.

The Hawk electric scooter has an efficient disc brake system, and has shock absorbers so that the driver can travel comfortably on rough or bumpy terrain.

**** IMPORTANT: Sunra Spain Distributes Official Product, approved for road use, and certified by the Ministry of Industry. With full guarantee on the product, parts and spare parts. Unfortunately, there are parallel products on the market that CANNOT BE REGISTERED, with characteristics not approved by the Ministry of Industry, and that do not have access to the official guarantee or spare parts. Shop smart.

To drive this vehicle it will be necessary to have the AM or B Circulation Permit. It can be obtained from the age of 15 at the DGT.


Before use, fully read the user manual, safety warnings, maintenance, inspection, use of batteries and keep the manual that comes with the product for future reference.

The price of this product includes transport in the Peninsula and national VAT. The buyer must insure the moped through his insurance company, comply with traffic regulations and register his vehicle.

It is also  necessary to sign a sales contract. Our team will contact the buyer to send them said contracts and carry out the process.

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