Robo S Delivery The new motorcycle for Electric delivery


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The Robo S Delivery is here to stay! From the hand of SUNRA comes the new motorcycle for home delivery that you need, with a large trunk of 90L or 100L. You choose!

This delivery electric motorcycle has all the advantages of the Robo S model, with the addition of a large rear trunk, perfect for transporting goods at home. In this trunk you can store what you need, all kinds of food and products, it is spacious and made of a resistant quality material.

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Why should you have the new Robo S Delivery motorcycle?

The measures adopted by the government in the second wave of COVID have had a great impact on many businesses, many of them have had to close or adapt to the new restrictions. If you own a business such as a bar or restaurant, the home delivery option is a great idea, below we will show you why Robo S Delivery is a great option for your business.

  1. Large rear trunk for the transport of goods, this model has a perfect trunk for home delivery, so all your products will be safe.
  2. Savings for your pocket , the use of an electric delivery motorcycle is a great saving compared to combustion motorcycles, because it hardly has maintenance. The maintenance cost of a combustion motorcycle at 15,000km amounts to about €1,150 while that of an electric motorcycle is €157, you will only have to change the tires and the brake pads. In addition, the price of electricity is much cheaper than gasoline. All are advantages!
  3. Zero pollution, zero smoke, noise and odors . It is the perfect vehicle for driving, in many European cities there are mobility restrictions in downtown areas and in the future there may be such restrictions in Spanish cities, so this motorcycle is a great option for your business.
  4. It is a model with double battery , that is, you have twice the autonomy to drive on roads, highways, highways or in the city, you will have up to 130km to enjoy. In addition, each battery charges in just 4 hours, you can charge your electric motorcycle wherever you want at work, at home. The possibilities are limitless!
  5. It is one of the best electric models from SUNRA , it has a maximum speed of 80km/h, a 3000W Brushless motor, double battery, reverse gear, parking button, start with fingerprint reader, 3 speeds and many more functions.
  6. It has remote control through the Sunra App, you will have full control of your Robo S Delivery from your smartphone: lock and unlock the alarm, turn your motorcycle on or off, open or close the interior trunk remotely, check the status of your vehicle , check the tire pressure and set up as many fingerprints as you want, with the Sunra App you have all the functions in your hands.


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