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MIKU SUPER is developed to be a stylish & fun electric bike with a length of only 1850mm. That is easy to handle, suitable for urban use, and the maximum 5200W motor is enough to take you to enjoy wind blowing and feel the freedom.

Power: equal to 125 cc fuel motorcycles
The made in China electric scooter MIKU SUPER carries a dual mode motor, the maximum power is 5200W and the maximum speed shown on the speedometer is 82 km/h. With the FOC vector controller, the power output becomes more consistent. The ebike is equipped with a new generation double 72V20Ah Li batteries and BMS intelligent management system. In the field test, riders totally rode 70km in high intensity, and there was ⅓ remaining capacity showed on the meter. That is, when high speed driving at 60km/h or 70km/h, it can support a cruising range of 100 km. If driving at an average speed about 40km/h, the range may be 150 km.
There are 3-speed mode that can be adjusted on the handlebar. MIKU SUPER performed exceptionally well in the third gear which can reach 80km/h and the extreme speed 82 km/h. But after many times tests, it is found that the first half output of the 1st and 2nd gear is more rapid although the maximum speed limit is lower. You can feel an obvious power output at the beginning when turned the throttle to the end. The engine burst out the maximum torque instantaneously, that pulling feeling even went straight to your head, it surpasses many low displacement motorcycles at the same price. Of course, with the speed increases, the torque decreases. According to the test, the acceleration performance of 0-60km / h is 8.4 seconds, which is basically equivalent to that of ordinary 125 cc motorcycles.

If you grasp some skills, you can also play wheelie, tire burning, turning around quickly and other cool stunts. Therefore MIKU SUPER electric motorcycle is available for a variety of driving styles which is more playability than traditional scooters. The handling experience was as good as its appearance and totally different from that of Niu.
Most common underground parking slope is only about 10°. The riders found a basement with a slope of 25°. Faced with such a challenge, most ordinary electric motorcycles climb hard and you’ll hear the engine exhausted. But MIKU SUPER’s powerful dual-mode motor can work on a maximum 27° sloping mountain road. This 25° basement is the steepest ramp we could find. So of course it can effortlessly climb up with an adult and maintain a certain speed.
Handling is one of the highlights of MIKU SUPER. It is designed to sit astride. The centre of gravity is lower & does not lean forward, and the vehicle is balanced front to rear. When pass a curve, the rear wheel performs flexibly & smoothly that beyond the reach of common retro scooters. Because of the new generation lithium battery, the weight of MIKU SUPER is 1/3 lighter than the traditional electric-powered motorcycles. Squeezing the bike with your knees and give it a lot of control, then perfectly conquer every curve.


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