SUNRA RS 125e 3000W/40AH White (Double battery)


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SUNRA RS 125e 3000W/40AH White (Double Battery)

Get to know the new  RS 125e electric motorcycle  with a 3000W 40Ah motor, perfect for your day-to-day life with the possibility of using it on roads and areas intended for motor vehicles. Forget starting failures, gasoline and the complex maintenance of a fuel vehicle. With this L3 vehicle, equivalent to 125e you can drive on all the roads, highways and highways of Europe. No gasoline, filters or complex repairs. Recharge your RS at home, work, offices, etc. The possibilities are limitless! And enjoy the speed!

RS is the latest  electric motorcycle  developed by the  electric vehicle manufacturer Sunra , it is the number 1 manufacturer in China in production of Quality Scooters for the last 11 years, selling its scooters in more than 70 countries, with a production capacity of 4 million. of electric scooters per year. It is specially designed to move around the city in a comfortable and sustainable way.

It is equipped with a  3000W Brushless electric motor  located on the rear wheel This motor offers maximum power, it does not have brushes. It allows less wear on its materials by not producing friction, its consumption is lower (40% less compared to other engines) it allows greater savings and a longer useful life on the motorcycle.

RS has a fingerprint reader boot that, in addition to being comfortable, this system provides greater security on the motorcycle. Register as many fingerprints as you want with the SUNRA app with which you will have full control of your motorcycle. It also has 5V USB to charge the mobile, as well as a front compartment and a hanger for your belongings, providing the driver with new experiences along with maximum security.

It has a fully digital marker that allows you to know the kilometers travelled, the time, the battery level.

RS is equipped with an LED lighting system that allows you to see a greater angle of vision on the road, especially at night, without any danger on the road. With easy management of long, short and emergency lights.

RS has a 3-speed and reverse gear system with which you can enjoy ideal driving. It also has a parking button which locks the vehicle for greater security.

RS is equipped with two 72V/20Ah lithium batteries. This type of battery has a high quality with which to exceed the maximum speed and an optimal size that allows it to be easy to transport. Charge your RS wherever you want at work, at home quickly and easily. The charging time is only 4 hours, after which you will fully enjoy your motorcycle without interruptions. Each battery has a lifespan of 1,000 charge cycles for long driving.

The RS electric motorcycle has a combined brake system on the front and rear wheels, front and rear shock absorbers for a more stable and flexible ride on rougher roads.

RS has a maximum speed of 80 km/hour with which you will have a range of 130 kilometers to be able to enjoy your motorcycle to the fullest.

In addition, our RS is totally waterproof. Drive without fear of weather conditions. Its components are designed to be able to resist rain and wind, each of them being tested.

Remote control via the SUNRA app

On the key of your RS you will find a label with the QR code for Android and another for iOS that will link you to the SUNRA app with which you will have control of RS on your Smartphone.

– Locks and unlocks the alarm.

– Turn your motorcycle off and on.

– Opens and closes the trunk remotely.

– Activate the Mute button, which silences the vehicle.

– Fingerprint configuration, so you can add as many as you want.

– Carry out a check on the condition of the vehicle.

– Check the tire pressure.

– Register new physical keys or Bluetooth keys.

– Proximity sensor for bluetooth accessories, where you decide the connection distance.

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