The September Blog

I remember watching movies with a futuristic theme when I was younger where the future was always portrayed with electric vehicles.  Do you recall watching Back to the Future where Marty McFly was on the hoverboard and thinking that was near impossible at the time?  It happened!  Whilst the DeLorean was still fuel powered, the Mr Fusion unit was electric powered which gave it the authentic futuristic feel.  Either that or us 90s kids just didn’t have very high expectations for the future!! For all the nostalgic fans, you should check out that they have actually redeveloped an electric DeLorean!  

Then there was Robocop, the vision behind the filmmakers was that they wanted the robocycle underneath their Robocop needed to be authentic, one could obviously not have a super Robo developed hero on a fuel powered bike!  There were many more other movies portraying what our future would look like back then, however a quick search resulted in a number of Arnold Schwazenegger movies which would take me a while to list alongside the vehicles that were portrayed as futuristic. 

The vision of the future from the movies were consistently the same, we would switch to electric vehicles and the fuel powered vehicles were always related to the renegades who left the city living amongst the mechanical trash and cold steel structures, think Mad Max scenario! 

Come back to September 2023 – the future is here with us today and we are finding that we cannot adapt to this change.  We are questioning the why’s and the what ifs on going electric.  We are questioning whether it is a better choice.  I’m not saying believe the movie makers but science.  Science does tell us that if we continue down the road we are going and consuming all of our natural resources the way that we do, there will be no future!!!  We are so quick to jump into the technological advances that makes our lives easier such as smart phones but not easily convinced when we have to change our habits but do we question ourselves on how changing one habit can change what our children’s future will look like?

September Summary

September marks the end of summer and the last of the holidays are being taken, we are all gearing up to the next big break in the year, Christmas!  Whilst we settle back into our day to day schedules running our kids around to school and their after school activities, wouldn’t it be great if you could do that in a cleaner and more sustainable way? 

Eco Festival

E-Gear closed off summer attending the Eco Festival held at the Europa Pool, where we offered the attendees a test drive on our bikes.   The feedback was great!  All our test drivers came back with a smile on their face and really enjoyed the ride.  The electric ride is not just about eliminating the use of petrol but the experience of driving a silent machine that will take you from A to B efficiently gives you an all new experience in transport.  

Mobility Scooters

September also brought us a new range of mobility scooters.  Mobility scooters are becoming increasingly popular and are a common sight on our streets, improving the quality of life to their users, it allows those who otherwise have mobility issues to gain some independence and a more access to getting out of their own homes.  

Pop in to our showroom for your electric experience and let's talk about how we can help you transition towards a better future.